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Lavender flowers against blue background | Colorado Skincare


Discover skincare that's as bold and natural as you are. Our hive inspired skincare is infused with local honey and beeswax from Northern Colorado.

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Chamomile Oil on blue table in field of flowers | Colorado Skincare

Crafted with Care: Skincare Rooted in Nature

Dive into the essence of the Rockies with our meticulously crafted skincare collection. Each product, from soothing face creams to nourishing body butters, blends nature's best with modern skincare. Handmade in Northern Colorado, our products deliver the wholesome goodness of local honey and beeswax, straight to your home. 

Tallow Soap on wooden table with herbs | Colorado Skincare

Skin-Loving Soaps from Colorado's Heart: Handcrafted with Nature’s Best

Our soaps are lovingly handcrafted in small batches, blending Colorado-sourced honey and beeswax with nourishing botanicals. With each soothing lather, experience the beauty of Northern Colorado’s wild outdoors. Dive into the simplicity and purity of our home-grown soap collection.


Embrace simplicity with NoCo Apothecary. For the adventurous Colorado woman seeking peace from mainstream skincare, we offer locally crafted, nature-inspired products. Harnessing the best of Colorado's natural ingredients,  including local honey and beeswax, our skincare is designed to nourish, protect, and uplift, celebrating your individuality and love for the outdoors.

Chamomile Flowers wrapped in twine on wooden table | Colorado Skincare
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