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Our Bath Tea is simple way to unwind and is made with love right here in Northern Colorado.  Each jar includes Epsom salt to help you relax and refresh your skin.  Each jar also includes colloidal oats to gently soothe and moisturize.


With dried chamomile and lavender flowers, this bath tea brings a peaceful, subtle fragrance to your soak. 


Each jar comes in a pretty glass jar with a silver metal lid and 5 muslin bags so you can adjust the strength of each bath.  Be sure to mix all ingredients before adding ingredients to the muslin bags.  Steep in the  bath as if you were soaking in a cup of tea.  Discard bag after use.  

Bath Tea

SKU: Bath002

Add sealed muslin bag of bath tea and steep as you would a mug of tea.  For best results, keep muslin bag in the water for the duration of your bath.

Discard after use.  

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