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Our Cinnamon Spice Milk Soap is cozy.  It's the perfect blend for the colder months. At its core, this soap combines the creamy richness of goat milk with a base of olive oil, coconut oil, local beef tallow, castor seed oil, and beeswax sourced from Northern Colorado. Colloidal oats are added for their soothing touch to the skin. The soap's inviting aroma comes from a carefully chosen blend of orange, frankincense, and clove essential oils, creating a scent a cozy, warm scent.  Topped with a cinnamon stick for rustic, Northern Colorado charm.  Try one of our tallow soap blends today! 

Cinnamon Spice Milk Soap

SKU: Soap007

For best results, lather our Tallow Soap between wet hands or a sponge, and gently cleanse your skin. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. When not in use, keep your soap in a well-drained dish to prolong its life. 

Remove the cinnamon stick before use.

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