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Experience the simplicity of our Clove & Chamomile Soap. Crafted in Northern Colorado, this soap combines the gentle hydration of olive oil with the natural goodness of locally-sourced beeswax


Every ingredient, from coconunut oil to local tallow, is chosen for its skin-loving properties. Together, they produce a smooth lather that cleanses while castor oil adds a hint of softness.  If you want a clean, but warm and relaxing tallow soap, this is a good choice. 


Our Clove & Chamomile Soap is scented with a blend of Sweet Orange, Clove, and Chamomile essential oils.  Give it a try! 


*All of our soaps are packaged in PVC shrink wrap and come in a muslin bag. 

Clove & Chamomile Soap

SKU: Soap012

For best results, lather Clove & Chamomile Soap between wet hands or a sponge, and gently cleanse your skin. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. When not in use, keep your soap in a well-drained dish to prolong its life.

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