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Our Milk & Honey Bath Tea is a simple pleasure, made with love right here in Northern Colorado. Each bath includes Northern Colorado raw honey straight from our hives.  Packaged in soft, muslin bags, each bath includes Epsom salt to help you relax and refresh your skin.  Each bag also includes colloidal oats and goat milk powder to gently soothe and moisturize, making your bath a soft, nurturing retreat.


With dried chamomile and lavender flowers, this bath tea brings a peaceful, subtle fragrance to your soak. Our Milk & Honey Bath Tea is the best way to unwind after a long day or hike.  


Comes in your choice of 4 or 2 sachets.  Each package comes in a vintage pink Mason Jar with an acacia wooden lid, perfect for your next project! 

Milk & Honey Bath Tea

SKU: Bath001

Empty honey stick into a warm bath.  Add sealed muslin bag of bath tea and steep as you would a mug of tea.  For best results, keep muslin bag in the water for the duration of your bath.

Discard muslin bag after use.  

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