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Experience the therapeutic touch of Colorado with the NoCo Bee Active Muscle Balm, tailored for active souls.


After a day's adventure, whether on Horsetooth trails or the slopes, this balm provides the muscle relief you need. With locally-sourced beeswax and organic arnica extract, it's formulated to soothe discomfort. Organic comfrey, known as 'knitbone', aids in recovery, complemented by the hydrating qualities of organic jojoba and hemp seed oils.


The balm doesn't stop at relief. Organic shea butter moisturizes, while Vitamin E offers antioxidant protection. The calming aroma of organic lavender combined with refreshing mint completes the experience.


Reach for the NoCo Bee Active Balm when your muscles call for nature's relief. A nod to Colorado's enduring spirit.

NoCo Bee Active Balm

SKU: Balm001

Adventurous days in the Colorado outdoors are so fulfilling, but can sometimes leave you feeling like you need some extra care. For those moments, reach for NoCo Bee Active Balm. Apply a small amount to your skin, focusing on areas that feel tired, overworked, or bruised. Be sure to avoid applying it to broken or irritated skin. Gently massage the balm in, letting your body's natural warmth help with absorption. Your skin will thank you!  Ideal after hiking, skiing, or a day on the Poudre River. Remember, a little goes a long way!

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